Survival guide for breast liftThe preparation phase for breast lift surgery is truly an exciting time. You can expect a flurry of emotions and activity as you research and prepare for your operation. To make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, Dr. Ary Krau recommends you read his mini breast lift survival guide, which was designed with patients like you in mind.

Take Your Time When Selecting Your Surgeon

Your surgical results and overall experience depend on finding a surgeon with the right combination of skill, experience and bedside manner. Take your time when looking for a surgeon — consult with a few, check their credentials and look at before-and-after pictures of their breast lift patients. Once you find your surgeon, be clear when communicating your goals. Let the doctor help you set your expectations of the experience so that you are both on the same page.

Anticipate Some Emotions

Many breast lift patients describe a range of emotions both before and after their surgery. Tell yourself it is all right to feel excitement, anxiety and even a little trepidation about the experience. If you have chosen the right surgeon and feel informed about your decisions, there is no need to worry. Ride out the emotions and keep your focus on the end goal: perky and beautiful breasts!

Stock Your Medicine Cabinet

Having the right supplies on-hand during recovery is crucial for a smooth experience. Before your surgery, stock up on Tylenol, ice packs, a few surgical bras (your doctor can recommend the best kind), gauze or cotton pads and stool softener. Pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy and fill your fridge with easy-to-prepare meals and snacks. Fruits, vegetables and proteins are great options.

On the Day of Surgery

Wear loose, comfortable clothing to the surgical center. Zip-up sweaters or jackets are easiest to slip in and out of. Don’t wear makeup, lotions, creams, contact lenses, dark fingernail polish or jewelry. Your shoes should be a sneaker or slip-on style flat. Put a soft blanket and pillow in the car for the ride home. After surgery, ask your driver to take a smooth route home; hitting bumps or potholes can be uncomfortable.

Rest and Relax During Recovery

For the first few days of recovery, it is crucial to rest in a comfortable position in bed or on the couch, and avoid bending or lifting your arms above your shoulders. As difficult as it may be to unwind, your body needs the rest. You will need to have a family member handle the chores and childcare while you heal. Make sure you have entertainment options close by (e.g., Netflix, Kindle, magazines) to stave off boredom. Refrain from exercising (walking is OK when you feel up to it) until the doctor clears you.

Be Patient

Keep in mind that what your breasts look like right after surgery is not how they will look permanently. Bruising and sutures can distort the breasts and nipples and make some patients a bit nervous. However, trust that as the tissues and skin heals, your breasts will settle into an attractive position and shape. Your nipples will eventually look normal (or even better than they did before surgery). Also, try to hold off on buying new bras for a few months until your breasts have stabilized, as some women have found their cup size changed after breast lift surgery.

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