Successful plastic surgery procedures require open communication between you and your surgeon. When you decide to get plastic surgery, you are putting your looks, and in some cases, your life, in the hands of a doctor. You want to know as much as you can about the surgeon and the surgery before you get started.

1. Are They Board Certified?

Technically, anyone who earns a degree in medicine can practice surgery. But, a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, such as Dr. Ary Krau, has at least five years of training in surgery beyond medical school and two years of specialized training in plastic surgery. Board certification means that a surgeon operates a medical facility that meets all accreditation requirements and follows a strict code of ethics.

2. How Long Have They Been In Practice?

The more years that a surgeon has been in practice, the more experience he will have. Along with asking how long the surgeon has been practicing, also ask how many specific procedures he has performed. You should also ask to see before and after pictures to get an idea of the type of work he does.

3. What Can I Expect from the Surgery?

Ask the surgeon what type of results you can expect from the procedure you're considering. Also ask about the duration of the procedure and the type of anesthesia you'll receive. You might also consider asking about alternative procedures or if something less invasive would be more appropriate.

4. Is There Anything to Worry About?

A surgeon should be upfront with you about potential risks or complications from a surgical procedure. Ask about any common risks and about the likelihood of them occurring. Your surgeon should also tell you if any of your habits, such as smoking or drinking, will make a procedure more risky.

5. What is the Recovery Process Like?

For planning, you need to have a good idea of what your recovery time will be like. Ask the surgeon how long you can expect to be off of your feet and whether or not you'll need to hire someone to help you. You should also ask how long it will take for results to be visible and if there is anything you can do to make the recovery more comfortable.

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