Brazilian Butt Lift Miami FLAlmost everyone wants a shapely butt these days, with Miami residents being no exception. As one of the city’s most popular plastic surgeons, Dr. Ary Krau regularly performs Brazilian butt lift (BBL) on patients who desire to add volume to their backside. To help prospective patients better understand this wildly successful surgery, he provides the following brief list of things you should know:

1) You Also Get to Remove Fat from Another Part of Your Body

BBL is a fat transfer procedure that involves harvesting (and purifying) fat from one part of the body, then grafting it to the buttocks where the extra volume is considered more desirable. While the primary goal is to augment the buttocks, the value of having liposuction on a separate area with excess fat — often the abdomen, thighs or hips — should not be undersold. With BBL, you are essentially having two procedures in one, achieving nicer body contours throughout the body.

2) It Looks and Feels Nicer Than Implants

The traditional approach to butt augmentation is with silicone implants. Since BBL was introduced, however, patients and plastic surgeons alike have found fat transfer to be the preferable approach. The main reason is that surgeons can mold attractive contours with real fat. The results tend to look more natural as a result. Most patients also find it more comfortable to sit on their own fat than implants.

Be aware that implants may still be the appropriate choice for patients who do not have sufficient fat on their bodies to perform a transfer.

3) The Results Are Permanent

One of the best things about BBL is that the results can last a lifetime. Your body recognizes and integrates the fat cells that have been transferred to the buttock. Although a small percentage of fat cells are lost during the transfer process, most survive and behave like normal fat cells in their new location.

The trick to preserving your BBL results indefinitely is to maintain a steady weight. Because the transplanted fat cells behave normally, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight will change the contours you have achieved with surgery.

4) You Cannot Sit or Lie Down Normally During Recovery

After BBL surgery, it is critical that you do not put pressure on your butt during the first few weeks of your recovery. Even if that were not the case, your buttocks may be too sore from the bruising and swelling to put pressure on it anyway.

What this means is that you cannot sit or sleep in a normal manner as you heal from BBL. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this problem, such as lying on your stomach to sleep and using a custom BBL pillow to sit down. Still, you should be aware that temporary adjustments are necessary to achieve a contoured butt.

Speak to Miami’s Finest Surgeon

The best BBL results are achieved by the world’s best plastic surgeons. You can count on Dr. Krau to provide you with a butt shape that is both appealing and natural-looking. To schedule a consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for BBL, please call (305) 861-6881 today.

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