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Many men will struggle with enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) at some point in their life. This condition affects up to 60 percent of men, and it's permanent for 10 percent of them. While the cause is often unclear, the psychological and physical impact of the condition is easy to see. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami offers male breast reduction, the most effective gynecomastia treatment. Dr. Ary Krau can restore your confidence with a masculine contour.

Male breast reduction removes the excess glandular tissue and can involve liposuction to eliminate fatty tissue. Gynecomastia may cause oversized areolas (the pigmented skin around the nipple) that the procedure can address, alleviating symptoms and providing a flatter chest. Gynecomastia treatment offers men several benefits, including:

1) Improve Self-Confidence & Mental Health

Gynecomastia often presents during adolescence and may have a profound impact on mental health. Research has shown psychological and psychosocial consequences of enlarged male breasts, including depression, anxiety, disordered eating, reduced self-esteem and body dissatisfaction. Lifestyle changes typically don't help the condition, and weight loss can worsen the appearance of gynecomastia. Men with enlarged breasts may avoid specific clothing and activities that require showing their chest.

Men report better quality of life and feel less depressed or anxious after gynecomastia treatment. There may be an instant boost in self-esteem after the surgery and the end of negative thoughts, embarrassment and other worries about the appearance of your chest.

2) Eliminate Painful Symptoms

Enlarged male breasts can impact more than your mental well-being. Sometimes gynecomastia causes painful symptoms such as breast pain and tenderness, breast swelling and nipple sensitivity. Working out and wearing clothing that rubs against the nipples may be uncomfortable and worsen nipple concerns. These symptoms make working out difficult because running and other cardio exercises increase the friction between fabric and the nipples.

You can enjoy all types of exercises and clothing after gynecomastia treatment with male breast reduction. The discomfort and embarrassment of your chest movements during workouts, jumping or running is gone so that you can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle without pain and humiliation.

3) Enjoy a Masculine Contour

Adolescent boys and young men often face ridicule about their enlarged breast tissue, which may be referred to as "man boobs." You may feel like your chest does not fit your gender and shy away from social events and interactions. Gynecomastia treatment removes the excess fat and glandular tissue to provide a sculpted physique that is flatter, firmer and considered more masculine. You will likely have less anxiety when you choose what to wear and no longer have to wonder if anyone has noticed your excess breast tissue.

4) Stand Taller

The extra breast tissue may pull your upper body forward into a rounded figure and lead to chronic back, shoulder or neck pain. These are similar symptoms that women with large breasts face. Additionally, men may hunch forward to conceal the chest area. After male breast reduction, you will have a smaller, contoured chest that helps you stand straighter and taller, exuding confidence and restoring better posture.

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