Breast Lift Miami If you undergo breast augmentation, you can expect some degree of skin stretching as your implants are placed. Once your implants are removed, depending on their size as well as natural skin retraction, you may notice that your breasts sag or droop. If this is the case, a breast lift is a great option to help restore your breasts to a youthful position.

Why Consider a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery addresses the issue of sagging breasts and nipple position, which improves the perkiness of the breasts. Those who are removing particularly large implants may consider having a breast lift to help eliminate excess or stretched skin.

Additional benefits of breast lift surgery after removing implants include:

Firmer breast appearance: While an improved breast appearance is a cosmetic goal of breast lift surgery, you also want your breasts to have a firm look and feel. Sagging breasts can appear deflated, especially after implant removal. A breast lift can provide support so that they maintain a firm look.

Improved nipple position: Lower-positioned nipples are a key indicator of drooping breasts. If you experience nipples that point downward toward the floor, a breast lift is an excellent solution for providing you with a natural-looking nipple projection.

Aesthetically pleasing breast shape: Breasts with excess, sagging skin can may you feel subconscious, especially in revealing tops or garments that offer little support. Dr. Krau can provide you with a flattering new breast contour with this surgery.

Reduced irritation under the breasts: Low-sitting breasts can rub against the skin underneath, leading to irritation, redness, and rash. When the breasts are in a more uplifted position, the risk of chafing is reduced.

Breast Explant with Breast Lift

A breast lift can be performed at the same time as your breast implant removal procedure or as a separate procedure. After your implants are removed, Dr. Krau can perform the lift, addressing nipple projection and removing excess skin in the process. He will also reshape the breast tissue to account for volume loss from the removal of the implant, in order to provide you with an aesthetic result.

Schedule Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation

Dr. Krau is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is committed to helping his patients achieve their body goals through his meticulous attention to detail as well as his devotion to patient satisfaction and safety. If you are concerned about how your breasts may appear following your implant removal, discuss your concerns with Dr. Krau, who can determine if a breast lift following breast explant surgery is the right choice for you. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Krau by calling our office at (305) 861-6881 or booking a consultation online.

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