Dr. Krau plastic surgery Miami The city of Miami, otherwise known as the Magic City, is famous for its beautiful weather, impressive beaches, and attractive populace. This flashy city also has a glowing reputation for hosting travelers that value looking their absolute best at all times. The glowing faces and beautiful body contours you are likely to encounter on a given night out in Miami may very well be attributed to the cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery procedures available in this area. This has appropriately led Miami to be known as the one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world. Continue reading to learn more about how Miami has earned this title.

Talented Surgeons

It is no secret that there are a large number of extremely talented plastic surgeons in the area. Among them is Dr. Ari Krau — voted 2022’s Best Plastic Surgeon in Miami and therefore an obvious choice for your plastic surgery needs. Dr. Ari Krau regularly sees patients from all over the world who seek him out among all of their options due to his dedication to artistry and attention to detail when performing their procedures.


Due to the expertise of Miami’s top plastic surgeons, including Dr. Krau, patients can be confident that they are receiving treatment from skilled providers with expertise in an array of plastic surgery procedures. Whether patients are seeking someone to perform their tummy tuck surgery, fat transfer, or breast augmentation, Miami is sure to provide the best options.

Additionally, patients often travel to Miami to receive a wider range of surgical options than may be provided in their locales. For almost every aesthetic concern, there is a treatment option that you may be able to find in Miami.

Rich History

For decades Miami’s talented plastic surgeons have been honing their skills and contributing brilliant innovations that have helped the city earn its reputation for excellence. Boasting a long history of plastic surgery success may be the reason so many patients feel confident traveling to the beautiful city to have work done.

Excellent Weather

Speaking of traveling, patients that are considering having plastic surgery procedures in Miami are likely familiar with the beautiful weather that awaits them. Even in winter, Miami is likely sunny, yet not unbearably hot, making it a comfortable destination to both visit for surgery and recover from surgery.

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