Survival guide for tummy tuckThe results of a tummy tuck represent one of the most exciting transformations a person can experience by having plastic surgery. The stomach looks flatter, feels firmer and can fit into clothing much more easily after surgery.

Tummy tuck is a serious operation that requires a lot of planning. If you are considering having tummy tuck and have questions about how to prepare and what to expect, you may find plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau’s “Tummy Tuck Survival Guide” helpful. Here are some of his top tips.

Before Surgery

Recruit help. Make arrangements for someone to stay with you for a few days after your surgery and help with household chores and childcare. Even if you are Super-Mom in regular life, you will need to let people take care of you as you recover from surgery.

Take time off work. Request at least two weeks off from work to recover. Three weeks is optimal. If your job is physically demanding, you may need additional time.

Prepare your home. Make sure you have all of your recovery supplies on hand; after surgery you won’t be able to drive to the store or run errands. Get your bedroom or living room ready. Fill your prescriptions and stock your fridge with healthy, easy-to-prepare meals. Set out some loose, baggy clothing. Queue up your favorite entertainment or buy a few magazines to flip through.

Day of Surgery

Don’t eat or drink anything that morning. You can take a small sip of water for medications and to brush your teeth.

Wear loose, baggy clothing to the surgery center. Your shirt or jacket should have a zipper in the front to easily slip over your bandages and abdominal binder.

Have a loved one drive you home after surgery. You will not be able to drive for a few weeks, and you will need someone to escort you home from surgery and help you get into a comfortable position for recovery.

After Surgery

Take pain medication as prescribed. Dr. Krau will prescribe pain medications and instruct you as to when and how much to take. Keep a written log or set an alarm on your phone so you don’t skip a dose. This helps you stay ahead of pain and discomfort.

Keep Milk of Magnesia on-hand. Some patients become constipated after surgery because of the pain medication. Taking a stool softener or Milk of Magnesia can be a lifesaver. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water is also helpful.

Do not weigh yourself. For about a month after surgery, you will have swelling. Don’t even think about climbing on the scale.

Stay positive. Many patients describe emotional highs and lows after surgery. Expect to feel some emotions during your recovery, but remind yourself to stay positive. In a few weeks your body will start to look amazing and you can enjoy your results.

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