There are quite a few actions you can take to keep yourself looking youthful, from drinking enough water to avoiding exposure to the sun. Another is making sure you get enough sleep, which has a wide variety of benefits that many people are unfamiliar with.

The Amazing Benefits of Sleep

When you are able to get your full allotment of sleep each day, your skin — as well as the rest of your body — benefits. Your wounds heal faster, your skin stays more elastic, and you develop fewer wrinkles than if you were deprived of valuable sleep. In addition, your body will function better, from your brain to your circulatory system!

Puffy eyes and dark undereye circles are decreased when you get enough quality sleep, because your blood flows better and you are less likely to have any facial swelling in the morning. The increased blood flow also helps your skin have a healthier looking glow. And since your body is better able to heal when you get sleep, you will even notice that the products you normally use on your skin are more effective when you have had plenty of beauty sleep.

The one aspect of not getting enough sleep that most people overlook is a grumpier appearance the morning after. While it may not be a permanent look, you do look older when you don’t sleep because your body is too tired to keep your facial features taut. This gives you the appearance of frowning and a more furrowed brow, which makes people think you look older than you really are.

Dr. Ary Krau Can Help You Keep Your Youthful Appearance Longer

When sleep is just not giving you the results you are looking for, then you may want to consider having some cosmetic procedures performed. You have the option of anything from Botox treatment to eyelid surgery or facelift, and more! To find out the best ways to restore the youthful look you once enjoyed, contact Dr. Ary Krau today at (305) 861-6881 and schedule your consultation right away!

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