What Type of Results Can I Expect With Rhinoplasty?Because the nose is the central feature of the face, it is often the first thing that others notice about a person. It is no surprise, then, that individuals who visit Dr. Ary Krau for rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, want to feel confident about the type of results they can expect from the procedure before moving forward with it. Now, thanks to digital imaging technology, they can. With digital images of the proposed surgical results, patients can see what their nose might look like after rhinoplasty.

What Rhinoplasty Corrects

With rhinoplasty, Dr. Krau can reduce the size of an overly large nose, narrow excessively wide nostrils, remove a bump from the bridge of the nose, improve the look of a bulbous nasal tip, enhance certain aspects of the nose or correct nasal asymmetry. He can also improve structural nasal issues that often cause chronic breathing problems, such as a deviated septum.

Digital Imaging for Prospective Rhinoplasty Patients

To help patients envision the type of results they can expect from nose surgery, Dr. Krau offers digital images of the intended surgical results. To use the sophisticated digital imaging system, Dr. Krau or a member of his team takes photos of the patient, using a 3D camera. The photos are uploaded into a computer, where Dr. Krau can manipulate the images, using specialized software. Dr. Krau adjusts the images in a way that reflects the patient’s aesthetic goals for surgery. Patients receive copies of the digital images, which show what their results might look like.

Benefits of Digital Imaging

The biggest advantage of using digital imaging for rhinoplasty patients is that it ensures that the surgeon and patient are on the same page in regard to their vision for the outcome of surgery. Thanks to digital imaging, patients feel confident that their surgeon and they are working toward the same shared goal.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Krau to learn more about rhinoplasty and see digital images of the type of rhinoplasty results you can expect, please contact his office by calling (305) 861-6881.

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