You might feel young, but the fine lines by your eyes and the pair of lines between your eyebrows might suggest otherwise. Your face is an active area, and all that activity can lead to the formation of wrinkles. While you could try to stay absolutely still for the rest of your life to try to fight lines, there are better options. One of them is Botox, or injections of Botulinum toxin. In Miami, Dr. Ary Krau offers Botox injections for a number of reasons.

Why Botox

Botox injections are a good optioimage031n for people who want to ease the signs of aging but don't want to undergo a facelift or other surgical procedure just yet. The substance blocks the muscle's nerve signals. Facial muscles aren't able to contract, so wrinkles smooth out. A surgeon uses a fine needle to inject the substance into specific facial muscles, depending on the area a patient wants to focus on.

Botox injections aren't just for cosmetic reasons. A surgeon can also administer them to patients who suffer from excessive underarm sweating. Botulinum toxin also helps patients with a lazy eye or who suffer from dystonia, a condition that causes the muscles to involuntarily contract.

What Happens

Botox injections are relatively quick and easy. Typically, a plastic surgeon will apply a topical anesthetic to the area, or none at all. The needle used to inject Botox is very small and many patients don't feel any pain when the injection takes place. In many cases, the whole process takes less than a quarter of an hour. Most patients go back to work or their regularly scheduled life right after the injections.

Results and Risks

There are some risks involved with Botox injections. For safety, patients should only see an experienced surgeon for their injections. Problems, such as crookedness or droopiness, can occur if the injection isn’t placed properly.

Results from Botox aren't permanent. Most people see results that last for a few months, though it's possible for results to last up to a year. It typically takes a few days for noticeable results to appear.

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