eyelid surgery miamiIf you consider your eyes to be one of your best features, then you may have concerns about how their appearance has changed over the course of time. Here Dr. Ary Krau, Miami’s premier plastic surgeon, describes what happens to the eyelids and the skin surrounding the eyes as we age. He also discusses ways to reverse some of these undesirable changes.

The Upper Eyelids

Like all skin, the skin on the eyelids gets progressively thinner and looser as time passes. This causes the lids to become heavier and hang lower over the eyes. Not only do droopy lids age the face, but they also make a person look more tired.

Another change is the loss of an upper eyelid crease. Younger faces usually have a prominent crease that distinguishes the eyelid from the facial skin above, but with time, this crease becomes less pronounced. Moreover, as fat is lost from around this region, the eye appears to be more sunken into the head.

The Lower Eyelids

Although skin and tissue take most of the blame for visible signs of aging, another feature of the undereye area that undergoes significant change is the bone, since bones lose density with age. As the bones below the eye atrophy, it causes bulging by the tear troughs. Drooping fat can accentuate this effect. Consequently, the hollows beneath the eyes become more obvious, and the eyelids loosen.

The Sides of the Eyes

The web-like wrinkles that develop on the outer corner of each eye (AKA crow’s feet) get deeper with age. Eyelid muscles move constantly, and the indentations from these movements gradually linger longer on thinner skin until the crow’s feet appear to be a permanent part of your face.

Cosmetic Procedures to Rejuvenate the Eyes

Dr. Krau performs blepharoplasty for most patients who would like to eliminate signs of aging around their eyes. Upper eyelid surgery removes excess fat and skin just above the eye so that the eyelid can open more fully without sagging. Lower eyelid surgery removes and repositions fat so that the undereye hollows are filled in and the skin is smooth. These surgeries, which help make the face look younger and less tired, can be performed together or separately.

Some patients prefer a non-invasive treatment for their eye rejuvenation. Injectables like Juvéderm can restore volume and smoothness to the undereye area. Botox is the better option for reducing crow’s feet and for subtly lifting the upper eyelid. Though these treatments are exceedingly easy to undergo, the results are temporary, so periodic injections are necessary to maintain the changes.

Learn More about Eye Treatments from Dr. Krau

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