Recovery is an important consideration for any rhinoplasty candidate. Dr. Ary Krau fields many questions from curious rhinoplasty candidates that wonder how long it will take to recover from surgery.

In truth, every patient recovers at a different pace. While there is a general timeframe for recovery, it would be misleading to promise that you’ll recover within a certain amount of days/weeks. Instead, you should rest your body as it heals from surgery, and slowly ease back into your normal routine until you are fully “up to speed.”






Here, Dr. Krau shares some general guidelines for your rhinoplasty recovery:

  • Plan to take about a week off from school and/or work. (If possible, take two weeks off for maximum relaxation.)
  • During the first three weeks, avoid any strenuous activities and vigorous exercise that could increase the risk of bleeding or a post-operative complication.
  • At three weeks post-op, you should be back to your normal activities, including most types of exercise.
  • However, postpone any activities or sports that have the potential of accidental contact with your nose for four to six weeks after surgery.

Swelling is a normal post-operative side effect during recovery. While the majority of the swelling will subside within the first few weeks, it can take months for the swelling to fully disappear. You will see initial improvements in the size and shape of your nose almost immediately after surgery, and improvement as the swelling goes down.

How to Have a Speedy Recovery

To enjoy a speedy recovery from rhinoplasty and avoid complications, it is critical that you follow all instructions provided by Dr. Krau. He will detail the level of activity you should be at throughout your recovery. He will also describe the symptoms that are normal, and alert you to symptoms that could indicate a complication. If you have questions about these recovery instructions, call our practice at any time.

Dr. Krau will also schedule several follow-up appointments so that he can meet with you throughout your recovery. He will check your healing progress and, based on the prognosis, clear you to return to work, school, exercise and the rest of your normal activities.

Ignoring Dr. Krau’s instructions or rushing back to work or exercise before your body is ready raises your risk of complications and could wind up prolonging your recovery.

Contact Dr. Ary Krau

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