Eyelid Surgery for MenEyelid surgery is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures for men. Not only can eyelid surgery restore an energetic and rested appearance to the eyes, it can also enhance a man’s overall facial appearance. However, the success of eyelid surgery is highly dependent on the surgeon who performs the procedure. It is important for male patients to work with a surgeon who is experienced in performing eyelid surgery for men. An experienced male eyelid surgeon understands that men and women require different surgical approaches in order to achieve the best results. In this blog post, Miami facial plastic surgeon and eyelid surgeon Dr. Krau explains special considerations when performing eyelid surgery for men.

Using a Conservative Approach

As is the case with most facial rejuvenation procedures, male eyelid surgery is usually performed using a more conservative approach compared to female eyelid surgery. This means that the surgeon will limit the amount of fat, tissue and skin that is removed from the eyelids in order to avoid over-correction. A conservative approach also helps male eyelid patients achieve more natural-looking results.

Paying Attention to the Outside Corner of the Eyelids

The goal of male facial rejuvenation should always be to produce youthful results while preserving or enhancing masculine features. When it comes to the eyes, experienced male eyelid surgeons are careful to not reposition or lift the outside corner of the eye too much or else an arch is created. Arched outside corners of the eyes can cause men to look feminine.

Taking Into Consideration the Position of the Brow

Another key difference between male and female facial features is the position and arch of the brow. In women, the eyebrows are usually slightly arched and sit a little higher on the brow bone. Male eyebrows tend to sit flat on the brow bone, or a bit lower than female eyebrows. Elevating or lifting the brow can give a man a more feminine appearance.

Complimentary Procedures and Techniques Differ Between Men and Women

It’s not uncommon for eyelid surgery to be combined with another facial rejuvenation procedure, like cheek volume restoration. However, the specific procedure or technique used varies between men and women. In male patients, surgeons tend to keep the cheeks level and flush, as high, defined cheekbones are traditionally considered to be a feminine feature. Volume restoration to the cheeks can be performed with dermal fillers or fat transfer.

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