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Do Implants Lift the Breasts?

Shapeless, sagging breasts are a problem for many women. Whether they are the result of significant weight fluctuation, multiple pregnancies or the effects of gravity and aging, sagging breasts can hamper a woman’s self-image and confidence. So, what is the solution to sagging breasts? Are breast implants the answer? Dr. Ary Krau, an authority on… Read More

What to Do About Double Chin

Submental fullness refers to fat deposits under the chin that can create what looks like a double chin. In addition to making the face appear chubbier, submental fullness can give the illusion that a person is altogether heavier than they actually are. Fortunately, there are options with regard to alleviating this condition. Dr. Ary Krau… Read More

Breast Augmentation: Fat Transfer vs. Implants

When it comes to breast augmentation, a patient has many options that relate to their personal aesthetic objectives. The options for method of enhancement are typically implants and natural breast augmentation, also known as autologous fat transfer. With years of experience performing both procedures, Dr. Ary Krau can take you through the basics of each,… Read More

Natural Breast Enhancement Solutions that Don’t Work

Though there is little to no evidence to support so-called natural breast enhancement solutions, enthusiasts still tout their benefits on a regular basis. A quick Internet search reveals innumerable sites promising “bigger breasts without surgery,” “natural ways to increase breast size” or “natural breast enlargement” — and the list goes on. The truth is these… Read More

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